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Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Fibre

How do I get fibre to my home?

Start by checking if your address has fibre available via our coverage map on our homepage or give us a call on 021 741 0044 - let us check for you and help get you started.

To complete the trials of ordering fibre to your home online: select address + choose ftth package + fill in contact and payment details = submit order. Wait but an idle moment for us to confirm and process your order. And then let us take over the wheel from there.

We arrange for the Fibre provider (names you're becoming familiar with maybe ... Octotel, Openserve, Frogfoot, etc) to contact you to schedule a visit to your home so they can physically connect your home to the fibre optic cables they've already laid outside.

We send you a pre-configured wifi-enabled router, which you just need to connect to the CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) device, placed in your house when fibre was installed.

We supply you with the fibre fast internet access and you proceed to enjoy the fibre fast internet to your home however you please. AUP, FUP, T&C apply

What if there is no fibre coverage in my area?

Use our coverage map on our homepage to submit your interest. Select your location and sign up via the "Waiting List" pop-up form. We will get in touch with you when fibre is available in your area.

I know I should have fibre coverage, but why can't I order online?

We try to stay on top of this and keep our coverage current though admit that right now the process isn't as seamless as we all would like. So if you know we're missing your fibre ready area in our map coverage - please let us know and we will sort you out

WiFi + Router

Tell me more about this FREE WiFi enabled fibre-ready router?

goturbo offers FREE WiFi enabled fibre-ready MikroTik hAP ac2 Gigabit WiFi Routers to all our dear fibre customers. These come pre-configured so you just need to plug in, power and play. Please note that the router's WiFi coverage range is highly dependent on the structure/layout of your home and fixed devices are best connected via cable. Approximate WiFi coverage is about 5 square meters so if you're unsure that this router will suit your WiFi requirements, please connect it to your existing WiFi network at home via a network cable.

Overview: Dual-concurrent Access Point; Provides simultaneous WiFi coverage for 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies; Equipped with a 650MHz CPU, 64MB RAM, five 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports, dual-chain 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz wireless, single chain 802.11ac 5GHz wireless, USB port for 3G/4G modem and a RouterOS L4 license.

We will endeavor to assist a customer as far as possible provided the equipment we are assisting on is goturbo approved and supplied hardware.

Is wireless always going to work 100% all the time?

No. Unfortunately wireless signals are susceptible to interference and should not be depended on as a sole connection to the internet. If you are struggling to connect through your wireless there may be something interfering with your signal.

Why is my wireless slow?

Your signal is being interfered with or you are too far from the router. To check if it is just the wireless or if your actual connection is slow, plug an ethernet cable from your router to your computer and test again. If it is still slow then please submit a support ticket so we can investigate. If it works well using an ethernet cable then you know that it is an issue with your wireless.

I'm getting no signal at the other end of my home. What's the deal?

You would need to set up a wireless extender or run additional wireless access points in your home in order to create more wireless coverage throughout the property. If you contact us we can put you in touch with an great company that we work with in order to deal with your internal network infrastructure needs.

Something is interfering with my wireless signal, how can I fix this?

You can have goturbo support change the channel that your router transmits your signal on. We will look at the router, see which channels are available for use (Or which have the LEAST interference) and change it accordingly. If you need help changing your router's wireless channel please submit a support ticket so we can help you do so.

I have changed my channels but my wireless signal is still intermittent, what else can i do?

goturbo routers are dual-band. This means they transmit both on 2Ghz and 5Ghz. Older devices will only use 2Ghz, where newer or more capable devices will use 5Ghz. In terms of throughput and channel interference, 5Ghz is the winner, so if you can use it, please do. On the flip side, 2Ghz is slower and can generally reach further, though it is more susceptible to interference. However having said all that, wireless is only as good as the environment it is in and thus we suggest that it is always better to be "cabled in" for as many fixed devices as possible.


How does Fibre differ from ADSL?

ADSL makes use of the older copper wire infrastructure which is more susceptible to damage, interference and is generally limited to 4Mbps in most areas (also ADSL requires a landline. Fibre doesn't). Fibre transmits data via light impulses along the fibre optic cables, which means faster connections with speeds of up to 1000Mbps (one Gigabit per second). Fibre connection is faster, more reliable, stronger and it can travel further. Fibre at 4Mbps is better than the average 4Mbps ADSL (and his dad would kick ADSL's dad's butt).

Do I need a Telkom line?

Not at all. A voice line is not needed at all.

Can I keep my landline if I want to?

You could, though goturbo FTTH service includes VoIP (voice over IP / the internets) as an alternative phone option. Our added VoIP solution offers high quality voice calls over your fibre connection.

Do I need a new or different router?

Fibre operates differently to DSL, so this depends on your router. goturbo FTTH service includes a free pre-configured wifi-enabled router (valued at R955) BAM .