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Fair Use Policy (FUP)

The goturbo Uncapped Fibre to the Home services on offer are governed by a Fair Usage Policy.

This means that we have given some thought about what is deemed a fair amount of bandwidth to consume over our Fibre
to the Home packages in a given month. These values are influenced and will vary based on the speed of the
package as well as the selected Fibre Provider in use.

FTTH services provided with Openserve as the last mile provider have a different FUP and the Boost to an FUP
service is not available.

We've created a fairly fair two tier threshold based on the consumption of the Fibre service which is unshaped by the

1st Tier Threshold

Once a subscriber reaches the first tier, they will be throttled down to 75% of their maximum line speed. They will
run at this rate until the second threshold is met.

2nd Tier Threshold

At the second threshold, the service will be throttled down further to 50% of the maximum line speed. This throttling
will run until the end of month, at which point it will reset at 00:01 on the first day of the new month. Once
reset, full line speeds will once again be achievable.

The following table details the line speeds and associated thresholds:

Line Speed 1st Tier Threshold 2nd Tier Threshold
10Mbps 300GB 700GB
15Mbps 500GB 750GB
20Mbps 700GB 1000GB
30Mbps 800GB 1100GB
40Mbps 850GB 1150GB
50Mbps 950GB 1250GB
100Mbps 1250GB 1750GB
200Mbps 2500GB 3500GB

Here's an idea of the applied throttles:

Line Speed 1st Tier Threshold drops to 75% 2nd Tier Threshold drops to 50%
10Mbps 7.5Mbps 5Mbps
15Mbps 11.25Mbps 7.5Mbps
20Mbps 15Mbps 10Mbps
30Mbps 22.5Mbps 15Mbps
40Mbps 30Mbps 20Mbps
50Mbps 37.5Mbps 25Mbps
100Mbps 75Mbps 50Mbps
200Mbps 150Mbps 100Mbps