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Why goturbo Fibre?

We're offering you Fibre Fast Internet == Uncapped + UnShaped

Which basically almost translates to no limitations. So it's like... goturbo, Baby. We give you Uncapped, Unshaped fibre internet with the option of boosting your Fibre to Unlimited data (which means you're free from the ol' fair use policy = zero data throttling). So, just order your fibre to your home. Simple. No contracts, no headaches. We'll take care of everything else.

We know what we're doing

I know what you're thinking. "Surrre they do". But seriously. We've been doing this ISP thing for donkey's years. So long, we even use the phrase "donkey's years". You can trust us to get you connected and keep you online. We want you to have fibre-fast internet and all the fantastic benefits that come with it.

So want to goturbo? We reward you for it... with FREE stuff

Right now we're actually giving away some pretty cool stuff. Like a free router (yep, no contract required here either - just your average t's and c's). Depending on how goturbo you wanna go... there's even free fibre installation thrown in when you sign up for 24 months.

So What can you get?

Get Affordable Fibre Fast Internet

From as little as R555 a month you could get a 10Mbps fibre line and be connected with uncapped, unshaped, reliable, fibre fast internet.

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Get a bunch of cool Free Stuff

Get a FREE fibre ready, wifi enabled router when you order your goturbo fibre. Or sign up for 24 months and get a FREE fibre installation valued at R1710.

What else should I know?

Get Unlimited Fibre Fast Internet

Boost your Fibre and be FREE of throttling. For just an added 10% to your monthly bill experience truly uncapped, unrestricted data throughout the month.

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Speak to us

Not sure about something? Check out our FAQs or send on your question and just request a call back.

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